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Great doctor! He goes the extra mile. With all of my health issues and countless doctor visits,he was the first time I’ve had a doctor take the time to conference call two other doctors to organize a treatment plan going forward. There’s also a great office staff that genuinely cares and will help you however they can.

The most important part! The surgery was a great success. It went so well that I’m having the other hip done only 3.5 months after the left hip replacement surgery.

I recovered quickly because he’s up-to-date with the latest advancements. Little things like not having to deal with changing bandages and deal with wound drainage made a major surgery less stressful and easier to recover and heal. I needed minimal rehab.

Normally for a surgery like this, I would’ve went to a doctor in nyc. However, after the first consult, I knew he was the doctor that I wanted to do the surgery. Another bonus is that he has privileges for hospitals on both the island and nyc. Have the surgery done in the city. The hospital has an entire floor that’s completely dedicated for orthopedic surgeries.

Keith Bjorkman

Very confident and down to earth doctor! Staff is also great and know what they are doing and are on top of things. His physician assistant is also great. It is a major surgery, difficult first few days but gets better each day. Totally worth it in the end!

MONTAGUE E. Taylor Jr.

Dr. Drucker is the very best ! He is thorough, caring and informed of the latest advancements re: hip and/or knee replacement. He is conservative in his treatment and will do what is best for you with the least amount of pain, stress, or trauma. I had bi-lateral total hip replacements done by Dr. D. and I recovered quickly , with minimal rehab, and no complications. He has always been concerned with my condition and is happy to discuss issues and/or questions I may present to him. I highly recommend Dr. Drucker for any orthopedic needs re: hips or knees.

Angela A.

Dr. Drucker is my favorite orthopedic. Hi has replaced my two hips and now I'm replacing one knee. Hi is for me one of the best surgeons. I have not had any complications in any of the surgeries. As for his office staff they are all very friendly.

Stella Reyes

Dr. Drucker is brilliant! He is thorough and caring and very conscientious. I had an extremely difficult surgery, but because of Dr. Drucker's skill and devotion to perfection, I experienced an amazingly easy and painless recovery. I am so very grateful to Dr. Drucker and Davina and the entire staff! The organization of the staff makes a confusing process comprehensible which goes a long way toward soothing pre-op nerves!!

This group is awesome.

Jane Ellen Phillips

Dr. David Drucker and His Staff are Top Notch! I would highly recommend this Group!

John Cuccia

The entire office staff including of course the doctors- David and Davina, simply said- has been life changing for me. After years of agony I have my life back. They are attentive, listen, react and provide positive encouragement and feedback.

Andrew Hendricks